Connect your device to your intranet using Ethernet so you can read your data right from the deviceS..
Connect your device to your intranet so you can read your data right from the deviceWiFiEthernetSoft..
4.3" TFT Colour Touchscreen
No more dealing in boring monochrome! Now you can get a 4.3" TFT - 24-bit colour touchscreen and a t..
7" TFT Colour Touchscreen
Big screen without the big price!Now you can get a 7" TFT - 24-bit colour MULTI-TOUCH touchscreen lo..
9.7" TFT Colour Touchscreen
Go big or go home! A whopping  9.7" TFT - 24-bit colour MULTI-TOUCH capacitive touchscreen with..
Connect your device to the celular 4G networkCellular - 4G and SMSSoftware for this PLC can be found..
Connect your device to this amazing PLC in 3 different ways!EthernetWiFiCellular - 4G and SMSSoftwar..
PR-18 Starter Kit
Save money and get up and running by buying the PR-18 Starter Kit. The kit consists of:PR-18DC-DA-R ..
Low-cost expandable MicroPLC with 4-highspeed inputs and extremely large program capacity.  Exp..
RS232 Cable
Programming Cable:RS232 cable for connection between your PC and PLC to program the PLCAlso required..
RS485 Cable
Communications Cable:Connect the RS485 cable to PLC's programming port and easily connect other RS48..
USB Cable
Programming Cable:USB version of  the cable required to program the PLC via your PC...
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