Inc. is a company focused on solutions. Solutions to help you.

Through our diverse products and services, we look for real- world resolution to real-world issues in the industrial electronic arena.

As such, Sell24hrs is pleased to offer the Rievtech line of interconnected products along with other suppliers such as IMO, Panasonic and Balluf

We also create control panels to run such diverse products such as grain conveyors and tobacco dryers. Currently we are helping a major manufacturer of furniture to automate their plant by converting manual labour intensive areas to PLC/computer controlled devices.

Out of these opportunities, we have seen the need for companies to monitor and control their plants either remotely or internally. As such, we have offer solutions to allow companies more interaction and data acquisition with their existing systems.

It really comes down to one thing, solutions. Looking at the world and seeing how we can use the technology we have, to make it better.